Do children growing up in a bilingual household, talk later than children who are only learning one language?

Children that are learning to speak two languages should reach the same developmental milestones as children that are only learning one language. These milestones would include one word by age one and also able to use two-word phrases by age two. However, it is common for children that are exposed to more than one language to mix… Read More

Parents who use sign language with their young child. Are they decreasing language development?

There is a lot of misinformation and inconsistent advice. Will sign language slow down or stunt speech development? There is no research to support that claim. In fact, research supports it benefits language development. Recent studies have shown that learning basic functional signs may help with the prevention of behavior problems for children at risk. … Read More

“Hippotherapy” Using Equine Movement as a Speech Language Therapy Tool:

Why does a speech language pathologists (SLP), incorporate hippotherapy in practice?  To engage sensory, neuromotor and cognitive systems to promote functional outcomes in the area of communication. Many patients I see who experience communication disorder have difficulty with sensory regulation and are consistently moving about the clinic room. These kids struggle with the ability to… Read More